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         RB Top Chef Mobile Kitchen & Catering Service is a Big Winner at Black Expo

                     Local Chef and Company Take Top Honor in Taste of Columbia

                                  June, 14 2013    by Moses Brown   The Onyx Voice

The 15th Annual Black Expo was recently held in "Famously Hot" Columbia, SC (May 19th, 2013), at the Colonial Life Arena, on the Campus of the University of South Carolina.  The event is a "showcase" for entertainment, exhibitions and vendors from all over the Southeast.

In the "Taste of Columbia" segment of the event, the biggest winner was RB Top Chef Mobile Kitchen & Catering Service, owned and operated by Ronald Blackwell.  This was the second year that Ronald and his team have entered the competition, last year they won the top prize for first time vendor.  And this year in the Black Taste of Columbia competition they brought home the top prize, competing against 12 other vendors.

​​​RB Top Chef is the brainchild of Columbia native Ronald Blackwell.  Ronald states, "I started my business in 2010 and we have been steadily moving forward ever since."  Probably the greatest accolade he's received thus far was winning the top prize in the recently concluded Black Expo - "That's probably the highpoint of my business career thus far" Blackwell proudly proclaims.  "While working at Palmetto Richland, I had the idea of operating my own business and I like the thought of operating in the mobile food truck industry."  So he went to Orlando, Florida and purchased a truck and began to think of names for his new business.  One night while lying in bed Ron remembers watching the Iron Chef when the idea came to him.........."RB Top Chef".  That's when he ran the idea by his brothers and they also thought that the name was appropriate, and that was how RB Top Chef came to life.

Like most business ventures, once the necessary licenses were granted, the hard part started. "In order to be successful you have got to be self motivated if you are truly looking for staying power." 

RB Top Chef serves a variety of delicious meals out of the truck - chicken wings, chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, corn dogs and their top seller.......fried Cajun turkey wings.  Their seafood platter contains a combination of A-1 select butterfly shrimp and tilapia.  Ron also states that "we can also change the menu according to where we are - customer's taste change from city to city.  If I am going to a school, they tend to like pasta, chicken salad or tuna salad, along with turkey wings and dirty rice."

In the Black Expo, Ron presented the barbeque pulled pork barbeque pulled chicken served on wheat bread, and on the light side he served pulled chicken and pulled pork on a wheat roll, served with a savory sauce with dirty rice and ground turkey in it.

Ron's love for cooking started at home at a young age when he would help his mother prepare meals.  "My professional cooking skills began when I was in the 10th grade, employed at the Market Restaurant in downtown Columbia.  His passion for cooking blossomed once the owner took him under his wing and began to show him how the ways of the kitchen.  After starting off in the dish room, Ron quickly moved to the salad bar and from there he went on to the fryer and broiler, mastering every aspect of each.  As time progressed, Ron became the only family member who was allowed to cook at family functions and everyone loved his barbeque, which he thought was better than everyone else's also.

To assist him in his ventures, Ron found two other like-minded individuals, Ronald Rogers (20 years experience in cooking and catering) and Ervin Hip (managed McDonalds and other fast food restaurants).  Combined, they have over 60 years experience in the mobile kitchen.  

In conclusion, Ron shares "The most wonderful thing about the food truck business is - we're able to come to you".  Our motto is "We Roll To Serve You".  Wherever you are located, we will bring our service to you, preparing hot food on the spot, which most mobile kitchens cannot do."  "So if you are having an event at Sesqui Park or a car dealership (he's served Jim Hudson Motors and The Honda Dealership), these places do not have kitchens or cafeterias.  So situations like this is ideal for us."

RB Top Chef also caters to wedding receptions, family reunions, church functions, schools, non-profit fundraising events, festivals, graduations, birthday parties, fairs disaster relief and more!

RB Top Chef Mobile Kitchen & Catering Service is DHEC Certified, Licensed and Insured.  They were also voted best food truck in mobile catering.